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Custom Crafted For Home or Office


All prints are made to the highest quality museum archival standards and are available on the following surfaces: 1) Fine Art Metallic Pearl/Luster Paper, 2) Brilliant Aluminum HD Prints, or 3) HD Prints Under Acrylic Glass. All three formats can be framed to your liking, to fully match your taste and decor. The Brilliant Aluminum HD prints can also be hung frame-less so that they have a metal frame to edge or "float" about 1" off your wall for a very minimalist style.

I offer framing options assembled by a top tier gallery using the highest quality wood frames/mouldings from both Larson-Juhl and Roma Italian. Frames are available in various colors and trims along with matching inserts, liners or matting as desired. All framing is done custom to order.

I also specialize in making prints to exacting measurements - to fit that special place on your wall. I will make custom prints to almost any size and orientation you need (e.g. portraits, square, wide format panoramas, etc.). In fact, most of my sales come from clients who have a specific purpose and space (or spaces) in mind where they want to place a collection of nature fine art - either for an office or home setting. If possible, I will personally come meet with you to discuss your specific likes, goals and objectives. I will then make exact recommendations on a single piece (or a collection of pieces) that would be ideal. I also discuss the various finishing and framing options that can perfectly match your personal taste and decor.


Nothing less than 100% satisfaction is acceptable; you can return any print for a full refund within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied or I can replace the print with a different one of your choosing.


Print Surfaces & Pricing

Prices shown are for prints only, including shipping. Framing costs would be additional and are quoted on a custom basis. Custom print sizes are also available to match your specific requirements, please contact me with your exact measurements and specifications.

  • Fine Art Paper

  • (Pearl/Luster Finish)
  • Our fine art paper prints are made using only the highest quality paper and are printed to archival standards lasting 30+ years. This surface provides the maximum flexibility in mounting and framing your art. Choose this option when you want complete control over framing and mounting. Prints larger than 24" x 36" may be offered as limited editions (select photos only):

    7.5" x 10.5" (Matted to 11x14) - $45

    10.5" x 13.5" (Matted to 16x20) - $75

    16" x 20" - $295

    20" x 30" - $695

    24" x 30" - $995

    36" x 48" - $1495

  • HD Brilliant Aluminum

  • (Ultra Gloss Finish)
  • Our HD brilliant aluminum provide the maximum in high definition and color vibrancy, along with longevity that even exceeds archival paper standards. These metal prints feature with a high-def gloss finish. HD Aluminum prints can also be framed using nearly any frame of choice, although you will not need glass on top of the print. They can also be hung frame-less for a very minimalist presentation.

    16" x 20" - $1295

    20" x 30" - $1995

    24" x 30" - $2395

    36" x 48" - $2995

    Larger Sizes - Contact for Quote

    Wide Format Pano Sizes - Contact for Quote

  • HD Acrylic Glass

  • (High Gloss Finish)
  • Our Ultra HD prints under acrylic glass provide the maximum in gallery style and presence. These prints are extremely detailed and vibrant and feature an ultra HD high-def gloss finish. This surface offers the absolute maximum in durability and museum archival¬† standards. The resulting art can be framed to taste or even hung frame-less for a very minimalist presentation.

    16" x 20" - $1295

    20" x 30" - $1795

    24" x 30" - $2295

    36" x 48" - $2795

    Larger Sizes - Contact for Quote

    Wide Format Pano Sizes - Contact for Quote

Print Editions

I offer prints as open, numbered and limited editions:

  1. Open (no number or limit),
  2. Numbered (numbered but no limit, e.g. #10), and
  3. Limited (limited number printed, e.g. #10/500).

I generally offer prints as open editions (no limit), and they may optionally be signed and numbered. However, select photos may also have a limited edition series of large format prints attached to it. Limited editions are only offered on selected photos and only on large-format prints 6 sq. ft. or larger in size (e.g. 24" x 36") made from that photo. Please note that photos which do have a large-format limited edition assigned to them may also be produced in smaller sizes as open/numbered prints and used in other places (e.g. postcards, books, etc.). If a limited edition is offered for any photo, it will indicate the maximum number of large-format prints sized 6 sq. ft. or larger that can be made from that photo along with the number of artist proofs. This structure helps serve to help protect the investment of large-format customers while also giving me flexibility to sell the same print in smaller sizes at park gift shops, etc.; however I do hope that you are choosing to purchase my art because you love the work, not because you think that the piece may appreciate in value significantly. If any large-format print is designated as a limited edition print, it will be specifically called out as such on this site, on any sales invoice, on the certificate of authenticity that you receive and marked on the print itself. Signatures may be either hand-written or digital signed (e.g. printed into the surface, as is the case for prints under acrylic glass and metal prints); this ensures the durability of the signature. All prints sized 11" x 14" or larger are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Many of my prints are created as one-off custom prints to meet specific client requirements for size and display characteristics, and with each print that I make, I may also decide to update or alter it's appearance slightly as I get better at my craft over time and as my artistic preferences change; this also adds an air of uniqueness and distinction to each of my prints. This even applies to limited edition prints, so the prints may vary slightly in appearance even within the series.

Please note that I reserve the right to reproduce all images in other sizes and formats, and to use for other purposes including but not limited to inclusion in: books, calendars, magazines, posters, postcards, websites, licensing deals, advertising and other products and materials as desired without any restriction.

Wide Format Panorama Prints

Select prints are available in a wide panorama format up to 7' (84") in width. These prints can be made on either of the following two surfaces: 1) HD Brilliant Aluminum, or 2) HD Acrylic Glass. Contact me with your exact size specifications for pricing. Each panorama print is made custom to order.

Custom Framing Choices

I work with the Gallery at Brookwood as well as local framers to provide a full range of quality framing choices. Any of our prints (paper, metal or acrylic) can be framed and matted to your specific taste and decor requirements. We feature a wide range of high quality frames from both Larson-Juhl and Roma Italian mouldings. Wood frames do look fantastic around the aluminum and acrylic prints! Of course, you can also order prints only and have your local framer handle them if you prefer. Please contact me to discuss your specific framing requirements. There are many frame styles not shown on this site, and I can almost always match your exact decor and taste preferences.


Larson-Juhl's broad range of quality custom framing products provide design solutions to suit nearly anything you can have framed. The diversity of our frame designs also coordinate with all of the popular interior design styles and individual personal styles. Larson-Juhl, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, is a manufacturer and distributor of timeless and innovative custom picture frame mouldings. Our designers and manufacturing teams work hand-in-hand to create enduring frame designs in all of the popular home furnishing styles, so our custom framing customers can help clients preserve their treasures and add beauty to their homes. Creativity, inspired.


All natural hand made Roma Italian wood mouldings are also available to provide additional custom framing options for your taste. These frames are my personal favorites, and they are of course the most expensive!


The prints on brilliant aluminum can be be framed like ordinary prints, and they can also be hung in a minimalist (or "frame-less") style, or with an aluminum "gallery box" style. Click here for more information.